Gunsmith and Gun Repair Courses


Modern Gun School offers two great courses that allow students to learn gun repair from the comfort of their own home.

Advanced Gunsmithing Course

The Advanced Gunsmithing Course is our most popular program. It is perfect for those interested in a career in the firearms industry or in owning their own gunsmithing business. Click here to more…

Basic Gun Repair Course

Our Basic Gun Repair Course is perfect for the hobbyist or anyone interested in a supplemental gunsmithing trade. Click here to read more…

Gunsmith Courses Features:

      • Comprehensive, Clearly Illustrated Lessons put together with the help of professional master gunsmiths and arms dealers
      • Exploded diagrams of the guns you will learn to repair.
      • DVD Video and Online Training along with links to online internet video
      • Hands-on-Projects with Professional Evaluation
      • Master gunsmith mentor who will be available throughout the course.
      • Student Advisers dedicated to student support

Meet our Master Gunsmith

MGS gun master

Check out our Program Catalog for a detailed listing of all topics covered