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Comparing Carry Revolvers

Looking for an undercover wheelgun? This author puts three great compact carry revolvers through a little side-by-side testing.
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Reloading Ammo: Annealed Brass the Hot Way to Extend Case Life

There is a simple technique that adds a ton of life to your cases – annealing. Of course, there are some tricks to doing it right, of which custom ammunition manufacturer Phil Massaro unveils in this blog.
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No Frills Fighter: Katana AR-15 Review

The Katana rifle is like the sword it is named after: a well-balanced and maneuverable weapon that is deadly in the right hands.
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gun suppressor modern gun school

Thoughts on Buying a Gun Suppressor

Misperceptions about the ability to own a gun suppressor abound. Getting one is actually easier than you think. Learning about what it takes to deaden the report of your firearm.
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Thoughts on Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire is an important part of any firearms training, but are shooters getting all they can out of it? Grant Cunningham suggests there is a more productive way to pull the trigger sans ammo.
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Handgun Review: .380 Carry Pistols

The sometimes-maligned .380 is still a favorite carry choice. Here we test three of the more popular .380 carry pistols side-by-side.
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Primers, First Stage of Ignition

Primers are literally the spark that gets everything rolling in a cartridge. Bre someut there a fine points about the component that must be understood to safely get the most out of the ammunition you’re reloading.Read more


What Reloading Press Best Suits Your Needs?

As a reloader, the first and foremost piece of gear you’ll need is a reloading press. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and styles, and your style of reloading should dictate which one will best serve your needs.
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Ammo lead

The Hollowpoint as Defensive Ammo

Sterile lab testing in ballistic gelatin is great, but the ultimate laboratory is the street, the author maintains. Here are the loads that seem to be doing best there, input written in blood from gunfights police departments have experienced with defensive ammunition.
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Grant Cunningham

Gunsmith Interview: Grant Cunningham

Here’s the story of how Grant Cunningham went from a manager in the photographic industry to a full-time gunsmith.
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built ar

Who built that AR?

Who really made that AR? The answer is simple: Lots of people, and not always the one whose name is on the lower.
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Why You Should Practice Shooting in Poor Weather Conditions

Just because the weather isn’t agreeable doesn’t mean it’s not time to hit the range. There’s plenty to learn from shooting in poor conditions.
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Why Bullet Trajectory Doesn’t Go Straight

A bullet drops faster as it goes farther, right? Well, not really. Gravity determines how fast a bullet drops, and its force doesn’t change over the course of a bullet’s flight. But the arc does get steeper at distance. Why?

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Handgun Maintenance for Reliability

We must take care of our guns so they can take care of us. With modern products, that’s not a time-consuming process, and it can be done in minutes after shooting. Here are some tips for handguns.

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Range Estimation

Range Estimation Methods in Rifle Shooting Range

Putting aside technology like laser rangefinders and rangefinding reticles, there are several methods available to the shooter for range estimation.

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