Gunsmithing Course Reviews from Former MGS Students!

  • Below are reviews from real MGS students and graduates that they shared with us regarding one of our online distance education gunsmithing courses.

    Since starting your course, I have set up a small repair shop in my basement…I feel really lucky because I know what I’m going to do for income when I retire and best of all my hobby is paying for itself! ~Brad - Torington WY

    Excellent program! The materials and insights far exceeded what I expected from a correspondence school. ~David - Oolagah, OH

    The gunsmith course was everything and more than described. It has given me the courage and knowledge to start a new life as my own boss doing something I love. ~David - Acton, CA
    I’ve been an amateur gunsmith for more than 50 years. Now, thanks to Modern Gun School I am able to fix guns professionally. The price is right too! ~Charles - Washington D.C.
    The gunsmith course materials were very thorough and complete. It is designed in a logical way that makes it fun to learn. If I ever had a question all I had to do was a call and a real person answered the phone. They were very helpful! ~Christopher - Stratford, CT
    I checked into at least 6 different schools that offer(ed) a gun repair course. Your course offered the most information. My goal is to have a gun repair business in operation by the time I retire so that I will not have to work for anyone else.” ~Derek - Okemah, OK
    This is a solid course. Covers all the basics of getting started gunsmithing or doing your own repair and upgrades I thoroughly enjoyed getting each new lesson and still look back on them for notes and guidance. ~Gregory - Ft. Collins, CO
    I really liked the course and I really liked the hands on part because I learn way more by doing it myself!! ~Carl - Crandon, WI
    Being given the tools to learn and understand this trade were the building blocks to my future. I cannot thank this program enough. Thank You! ~Joshua - Searcy, AR
    Staff members were very courteous and helpful every time I called. ~Jonathan - Cutoff, LA
    I chose Modern Gun School after talking to professional gunsmiths. I showed them the courses and projects and how the projects were graded and they all told me to take the course! ~Gregory - Mount Holly, NC
    This is a great course if you are getting started in firearm repair or just maintaining your own firearms. I would and have recommended this course to many of my friends. ~Mark - Flora Vista, NM
    With what I learned from the course I was able to open my own shop before even finishing the course. ~Robert - Granger, IN
    Being the ardent hunter that I am, I never truly realized how much there was to learn on the rifle or rifle I own. Or how much goes into cleaning or repairing a rifle or gun. I have really become pretty knowledgeable now thanks to MGS. ~Mike - Staten Island, NY
    I started Modern Gun School as more of a hobby but now, after taking these courses, I wanna make gunsmithing my career. Thank you MGS! ~Tyler - Milton, VT

    I have learned a more than I thought I would as an online course goes. The detail in the description of parts, tools and steps in repair processes were great! ~Keith -DeKalb, TX