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Full Pay Modern Gun Tuition J19

Tuition Payment Plan - Modern Gun School

Modern Gun School Tools And Materials List
Over $300 worth of supplies included


  • Gun Stock
  • 12 Piece File Set
  • Micrometer
  • Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Trigger Pull
  • India Stone
  • Digital Caliper
  • Bore Light
  • Mainspring Vise
  • Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Finish
  • Reloading DVD + Reloading Bench Plans
  • MGS Branded Gunsmithing Apron

1 – Stock Finishing

2 – Precision Filing

3 – Silver Soldering

4 – Hand Tool Fabrication

5 – Stone Polishing

6 – Bluing Preparation

7 – Micromeasurement

  • Round Metal Stock
  • Common Steel
  • Emery Cloth
  • Acid Core Solder
  • Steel Rod
  • Flat Metal Stock
  • Rifle Barrel Piece
  • Assorted Shim Stocks
  • Simulated Rifle Barrel Piece

  • 2 MGS Binders & Tabs
  • MGS Glossary of Gunsmithing Terms
  • Exploded Gun Diagrams
  • Two Volume Set of Official NRA Guides to Firearms Assembly


Advanced Gunsmithing Course - Modern Gun School

Achieve your goals with MGS

The Advanced Gunsmithing Course is our most popular program. It is designed for those interested in a career in the firearm’s industry or in owning their own gunsmithing business. The program is comprised of 65 Lessons and 7 hands-on projects, offering a comprehensive education on the entire firearm’s industry.

MGS is Nationally and Regionally Accredited, and VA Approved. 


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